Waarom warmt de aarde niet meer op?


Mainstream klimaatwetenschappers breken zich het hoofd over die vraag. Klimaatsceptici hebben wel zo’n vermoeden.

Hoe vaak hebben we het niet gehoord van de aanhangers van de AGW–hypothese (AGW = Anthropogenic Global Warming): ‘The science is settled. All scientists agree.’? Helaas, Moeder Natuur wil niet meewerken en weigert zich te conformeren aan hun opwarmingsscenario’s.

In Duitsland beginnen zelfs de reguliere media zich af te vragen of de mainstream klimatologen niet wat te hoog van de toren hebben geblazen. In het invloedrijke blad ‘Der Spiegel’ schreef de wetenschapsjournalist Axel Bojanowski daarover een interessante beschouwing

Onder de titel, ‘Warmist Spiegel/Euro-Media Concede Global Warming Has Ended…Models Were Wrong… Scientists Are Baffled!’ presenteerde Pierre Gosselin daarvan prompt een Engelstalige samenvatting op zijn website:

Spiegel has finally gotten around to conceding that global warming has ended, at least for the time being.
Yesterday Spiegel science journalist Axel Bojanowski published a piece called: Klimawandel: Forscher rätseln über Stillstand bei Erderwärmung (Climate change: scientists baffled by the stop in global warming).
We’ve been waiting for this admission a long time, and watching the media reaction is interesting to say the least. Bojanowski writes that “The word has been out for quite some time now that the climate is developing differently than predicted earlier”. He poses the question: “How many more years of stagnation are needed before scientists rethink their predictions of future warming?”
Bojanowski adds (…):

15 years without warming are now behind us. The stagnation of global near-surface average temperatures shows that the uncertainties in the climate prognoses are surprisingly large. The public is now waiting with suspense to see if the next UN IPCC report, due in September, is going to discuss the warming stop.”

The big question now circulating through the stunned European media, governments and activist organisations is how could the warming stop have happened? Moreover, how do we now explain it to the public? To find an answer, Bojanowski contacted a number of sources. The result, in summary: scientists are now left only to speculate over an entire range of possible causes. Uncertainty in climate science indeed has never been greater. It’s back to square one.
One explanation Spiegel presents is that the oceans have somehow absorbed the heat and are now hiding it somewhere. Yet, Bojanowski writes that there is very little available data to base this on: “There is a lot of uncertainty concerning the development of the water temperature. It has long appeared that also the oceans have not warmed further since 2003.” …

Scientists also suspect that the stratosphere may have something to do with the recent global temperature stall. Susan Solomon says the stratosphere has gotten considerably drier, and so warming at the surface may have been reduced by a quarter. But Bojanowski reminds us that under the bottom line, the scientists are pretty much without a clue; he writes: ‘However, climate models do not illustrate stratospheric water vapour very well,’ says Marotzke [directeur Max-Planck-Institut für Meteorologie’]. The prognoses thus remain vague.” …

Vervolgens laat Bokanowski nog een aantal andere mogelijke verklaringen de revue passeren – geen van alle bevredigend. Gosselin vervolgt:

How does Bojanowski sum it up? “The numerous possible explanations do show just how imprecisely climate is understood.” …
Spiegel at the end of the article seems to be duped into thinking that short-term prognoses are uncertain, but longterm ones are rather sure. ….

This to me appears to be an attempt to have readers believe that although they’ve botched the short-term projections completely, they are likely still right about the longterm projections of warming. Now take five minutes to get your laughing under control. … If the models failed for the first 15 years, then they are no good! Period! They’re crap, and you cannot rely on them for projecting the long-term. They belong in one place only: the dustbin! How long must we wait before climate scientists return to science?
Don’t get me wrong, at least this article, admitting something is terribly amiss, is a very encouraging step in the right direction. But it’s difficult to remain hopeful when climate scientists continue demonstrating that they do not even know what proper scientific methodology is.

Aldus Pierre Gosselin.

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