Holger Krahmer (MEP): 'Alleen Europa gelooft nog in het 'redden' van het klimaat'

Holger Krahmer (MEP): 'Alleen Europa gelooft nog in het 'redden' van het klimaat'

De politieke steun voor het klimaatbeleid begint af te kalven. Binnen de Tories is een revolte aan de gang tegen de stringente unilaterale maatregelen op dat terrein van de Britse regering. Ook is er bij de Britse conservatieve Europarlementariërs verzet tegen een verhoging van de doelstellingen voor CO2-emissiereductie (van 20% in 2020 naar 30%), die door de Europese Commissie is voorgesteld.

'The Daily Telegraph' rapporteert daarover:

Conservative MEPs to revolt against the coalition’s environment policies

Conservative MEPs are planning to revolt against the coalition’s environment policies in an attempt to sabotage the proposed strengthening of Europe’s climate targets.

The revolt would be an embarrassment for David Cameron, who has committed Britain to some of the most ambitious greenhouse gas targets in the world. Tomorrow the European parliament will vote on whether to toughen the EU’s emissions-cutting target from 20 per cent reductions by 2020, compared with 1990 levels, to a 30 per cent cut. The commitment to a 30 per cent cut has been agreed by the coalition, and has won support from other member states in the EU bloc. British Conservative MEPs, however, have said they would vote to oppose the 30% cut, according to reports. ...

The leader of Britain’s Conservative delegation, Martin Callanan, said: “Conservative MEPs have always been sceptical of the EU unilaterally increasing its target to 30 per cent without a worldwide agreement European companies will be unable to compete if the reduction targets are set too high. “Many high energy consuming companies are already being forced to relocate to countries outside the EU, which have little or no environmental legislation, putting many Europeans out of work, and an increased target will exacerbate this trend. “We are also concerned that the higher carbon costs from an increased target will feed through into energy price increases for domestic consumers, who are already facing steep rises.”

Lees verder hier.

Maar het rommelt niet alleen bij de Britse Tories, ook binnen de Duitse FDP is het verzet groeiende. Boegbeeld van dat verzet is de Europarlementariër Holger Krahmer.

Holger Krahmer:

The climate policy of the European Union is now stuck for good in a dead end. Europe wanted to be the leader – showing the world the way. They especially wanted to export the “market-economic” instrument of emissions trading as a new standard of regulation. The climate summits in Copenhagen and in Cancun were supposed to herald in a successor treaty for the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, which expires in 2012. Both summits yielded zero results. Today it is clear: There is going to be no successor agreement.

Also the option of simply extending the existing Kyoto Protocol was thrown overboard by the main countries at the last G8 summit. The situation in global climate politics can be summarized in short: There isn’t any.

Especially the emerging economies of Asia are refusing to allow their possibilities for growth to be curbed by obligatory CO2 reductions. Everywhere globally, climate laws are being buried for good or put on ice. Especially the once ballyhooed instrument of emissions trading is obsolete. China, India and Australia are waving goodbye. In the USA the Chicago Climate Exchange was closed just after the last midterm Congressional elections. Just before that, the self-anointed climate pope Al Gore cashed in by selling his shares. “Climate politics is a dead project“ is the word in Washington today.

Yet, the EU is still clinging to all measures and is even discussing making them even stricter. As a result, we are now left alone with the political costs of CO2 reduction. We are ignoring international reality with an amazing level of tenacity. ...

Now that the IPCC is completely discredited by scandals and political influence, the current CO2 hypotheses need to be re-evaluated. That climate change is complex was always known. That it is mainly driven by a trace gas in the atmosphere is unlikely when one soberly examines it closely with an open scientific mind and when one examines the long-term history of the climate.

Whoever has the power over the religion, also has the power over the people. That has always been the case for religions. Today the belief in manmade global warming appears to have become a sort of substitute religion.

Lees verder hier.

Gelukkig zijn er nog politici die hun huiswerk goed doen en die het lef hebben hun nek uit te steken. Er is dus nog hoop voor Europa!


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